Network Marketing and You

In today's crazy world where legislators abandon their senses and shut down governments, we have to take responsibility for ourselves or we are sure to wind up looking for a handout from the very legislators who have just shut down our form of government.

Through your own efforts, and those of a 'sponsor', you can share a business opportunity with people you meet ( in person or via the internet) and over time you can build a network of business builders that will be worth a small fortune!

It really doesn't matter if you like the idea of Network Marketing (NWM for short) or not… it works! Take a look at many of the companies in the top 500 countries and you'll find a number of NWM based companies.

So, how do you make NWM work for you? For starters, you learn about the company you choose to promote and then you share that information with others. What others, you ask? Old school NWM teachings led us to "friends and family" which often put us on something of a 'black list' with those same people… so my suggestion is to wait until you REALLY have your business working and your success is OBVIOUS and those people will then come to you wanting to know how you have achieved the level of success you're enjoying… and then, and only then, would I suggest you share the real business opportunity with them! Hopefully you can see the reasoning behind this. I know so may people who have almost NO friends as a result of going to their "friends and family" list repeatedly until their friends and family all-but run when they see them coming. You definitely don't want that happening so just wait and let them come to you.

Now, how many people do you need to tell about this? My answer is always… EVERYBODY that will listen. Why? Because you absolutely do NOT know who's hurting inside and who is actually LOOKING for exactly what you have to offer. So just talk to people. Be open. Ask questions that will lead you to an opportunity to discover if they're looking for anything and then work your opportunity into the discussion.

Most importantly… don't be afraid to be told NO. Why? If you don't ask, the answer is already NO! So just ask. And keep asking. If you ask enough times, you're likely to find people who know many more people than you know and they may just bring explosive growth to your team. What a blessing that would be! For both you and them.

The really great thing about NWM is that absolutely nobody is limited by their position in the matrix. Someone that I bring to the business can build a team that explodes and achieves growth that FAR exceeds the size of my personal team… but since they're in my network I help them build their business and we all win.

To succeed in NWM you need a great company to promote.

There are many markets covered by NWM and the company I represent is in the Health and Wellness niche.

Please take a look at: Free-Mart

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To your success,

David Perkins
Frederick, MD